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June 22, 2011

NYC - Day 5

This day was our last full day in New York City.  We went to Redeemer Presbyterian for church.  It was a great service!  Curtis really respects Dr. Tim Keller, the Senior Pastor of Redeemer.  Even though he wasn't preaching that week, we were happy to visit.  (Besides, we knew we would hear him at General Assembly in just a few days!)
We decided to go to John's Pizzeria for lunch.  This was recommended to me by a co-worker and it was rated very highly on Tripadvisor.
This pizzeria is one of the largest in the United States!  This restaurant was previously a cathedral and over 500 can be seated.  The pizza was yummy!
Next, we went to Central Park.  It was refreshing to come here after spending several days in the city because the pace was much slower here.  I think it was one of my favorite places to go.  Pictured above is a structure that we saw as soon as we entered Central Park.
There were lots of large rocks that you could lounge on.
Here's Curtis relaxing.
Here I am!
The view was great!
I really wanted to see the fountain.
Here's an up-close picture!
Curtis and I in front of the fountain! :)
Isn't this gorgeous!?
After this, we went back to Times Square to try for the Wicked lottery again.  And we lost for the third time. :(  At least we will get to see it in Jacksonville! 
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Via Della Pace in Little Italy.  The food was awesome - probably one of our favorite places to eat!  Here I am in the restaurant, it was a cute little couch with pillows that I was sitting on!
Our final plan before we left NYC was to have a caricature taken of the two of us.  We had this taken in Times Square - I love how the artist put an "I <3 Margaret" shirt on Curtis. 
Next up: we'll be traveling to Virginia Beach for General Assembly tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Margaret,
    I love the pictures of Central Park. They remind me of the parks in Odessa and Kherson, Ukraine. I've missed you, it was a blessing to see new pictures when I finally got on line.
    Love you both, thanks for sharing. I went to the link for Curtis' sermons but the recent ones were not there should I try a different route? Mrs. W.