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June 28, 2011

VA Beach Days 6 - 10

The next day we travelled to Virginia Beach for the annual Presbyterian conference called General Assembly, where pastors and elders in our denomination meet to discuss business.

We had quite an adventure getting from NYC to VA Beach!  We planned to take a bus; however, we failed to notice that the address was on East Broadway Street and brought all our belongings to Broadway Street.  By the time we were able to figure this out, we had 10 minutes before departure to get there (and we were supposed to get to the bus station 20 minutes early)!  We caught a taxicab and they speedily brought us to our correct destination.  Thankfully, the bus was running a little late and we were able to make it to Virginia Beach as planned.
Here was our view out our hotel room.  It was beautiful (and very different from NYC)!  Thanks to Carol (our senior pastor's wife) for picking out a great hotel for us!  It was definitely nicer than the hotel we stayed at in Queens.
The weather was wonderful while we were in VA.  This little walkway was right outside of our hotel.
Unfortunately, Curtis was feeling very sick on our actual anniversary, but he did feel well enough to go to the beach with me!  You can see our anniversary date (6.7.08) in the sand. 
Here's a closer up view.
It was really relaxing to be there! Curtis had to spend most of his time discussing church business throughout the day and voting.

Curtis and I also went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on our anniversary! It was very special because Curtis hadn't ever been there before.  He thoroughly enjoyed the steak!

I had a lot of fun getting to know Carol (the senior pastor's wife) during the trip.  It was also encouraging to spend time with other fellow pastors' wives in our denomination.  We were there from June 6 to June 10.  We were happy when we arrived back in Savannah after a long 10 day trip!  It was very memorable! :)

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  1. Dearest Margaret and Curtis, Let us be one of the first to congratulate you on the soon-to-be blessed addition to your family. Your mom tells me you are expecting in February. This is so wonderful. We wish you both the best of everything!

    Take care of yourselves - we love you,

    Lisa, Curt and Beau