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July 18, 2011

Sweet Pea

On July 4, we brought home the newest addition to our family - our new puppy, Sweet Pea!  She is a 9-month old lab/boxer mix.  Sweet Pea was living in a foster home waiting for a loving home to take her.  We loved her personality when we first met her, and it brought back memories for Curtis because he grew up with a dog that looked similar to her.   
Sweet Pea loves to be around us.  If one of us is not at home, she gets very sad that her "pack" is not together.  Here is her reaction when Curtis left.  She just stares at the door and whimpers.
 ...but she'd rather have one of us than none of us!  When she saw that I was still home, she came happily over to me.  The worst part of her day is when she is put in her crate, especially during the day.  She is slowly beginning to learn that she will be sleeping in the crate throughout the night, even though she likes to tear up all our bed sheets that cover her crate.  Silly dog! 
One of her favorite times of the day is when we take her for a walk.  She loves to meet other people, other dogs, and cats!  Sometimes, Curtis and Sweet Pea run together, but Sweet Pea is much faster than Curtis.  We're very happy to have a little friend at the house that is always excited to see us! :)


  1. Dear Margaret,
    I love hearing about your life. I have been eagerly waiting to see pictures of her. I pray we are able to meet sweet pea soon and introduce her to her new friends Gulliver and Saba. We are so very excited and blessed and pray she will bring you much needed distraction and blessings as she grows to know you and love you both. Mrs. W.

  2. Dear Margaret and Curtis,

    So glad your blog is here to post and for you to share your life and events with us. Love Sweet cute a dog and name!

    Getting all my photos from our trip to Paris and Athens posted soon....will let you know when they are "live". Going to L.A. next week.

    Curt and Beau say hello! Hey, that rhymes! Much love, Lisa