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June 11, 2011

NYC - Day 3

So, we tried to mimick the famous kissing shot in Times Square above.  See original below:
 I think it our picture is surprisingly more similar to the original picture than I expected.  Just different types of hats!  It took us a while to find someone that we were willing to kiss in front of them.  Haha!
We planned on visiting the Statue of Liberty, but before we did, we ate lunch at a restaurant called Gigino's.  This was the view from the restaurant, isn't it a great view!?
Unfortunately, there wasn't any shade in the restaurant because the wind was blowing and the umbrellas wouldn't stay up.  So, we had to eat with our sunglasses on!
This was our view as we arrived from the Liberty cruise ship -- I had no idea that the Statue of Liberty was so huge!
We had a great view of the cityscape as we were visiting the Statue of Liberty.
The black building on the left is the new Freedom Tower that they are constructing.  It's weird that the Twin Towers would have been in this picture if we would have visited 10 years earlier.
Here's a good view of the front of the Statue of Liberty.
You can get an idea of how big the statue is in comparison to Curtis and I in this picture.  All you can see is the feet of the statue!

For dinner, we went to Qdoba.  This was very exciting for us because Curtis has so many free burritos that he acquired when we lived in St. Louis and he isn't able to use them in Savannah because we don't have a Qdoba.  We stumbled upon one downtown and we were excited to get to save some money!
This is the Rockefeller building - on Day 4, we spent a lot of our time in this building visiting the NBC Studios and the top of it!
One of the beautiful churches downtown.
This is a statue of Atlas holding up the world.  I know it from the beginning of the television show "30 Rock."
This is inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Heather (Curtis' sister) recommended that we visit this ornate Catholic church.  It was really awesome to check it out and see how large it was!  It's definitely not like any Presbyterian churches that I've ever been to.
This is the outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
One of my new favorite tv shows to watch is called "The Voice."  Here Curtis and I are posing in front of an advertisement for it.  We are holding up "V"'s like the celebrities behind us are doing (even though you can't see it from this picture).
So we were able to see where David Letterman has his show around Times Square.
Here's a large Superman figurine that is inside the huge Toys R Us store.  We went back to the huge Toys R Us because we knew there was an ice cream shop inside it called "Scoops R Us."  It was so expensive that we decided to go somewhere else for dessert.
So, we found ourselves at a place called Roxy Delicatessen.  We are sitting on the second floor in this picture, but you can see some of the sweet treats below.
I got the chocolate covered sugar cookie.  It looked so yummy!
Curtis got a peanut butter brownie.  It was delicious!
We finished off almost all of the sweets!
Curtis was full!  A nice finish to another fun-filled day in New York City!


  1. Great Margaret! I can't wait for more.Mrs. W.

  2. So glad you both had a good time in NYC - I knew you would love the city with all it has to offer - I am glad you were able to do so much in a short amount of time! I (heart) Central Park! Much love, Lisa Hoffman