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July 9, 2010

Curtis Performs His 1st Wedding Ceremony

I am so excited to share this post with all of you. On June 19, Curtis was the officiant in Heather & Allen's wedding. We have grown to love this couple, and it was providential that we met in the first place! I met Heather on my last day of work at KPMG. She was an internal auditor at a company in Savannah and I was an external auditor for her company. She found out that I lived in Savannah (even though my company was based out of Jacksonville) and she asked me if I would be interested in exercising with her. As it turns out, she lived only blocks away from our home. I praise the Lord that He brought this precious friend into my life! She and I have become good friends through our walks. Curtis and I were honored when Heather and her new husband, Allen, asked Curtis to be the officiant on their special day. Although Curtis and I don't have much experience with marriage, we enjoyed getting to know this couple through our pre-marital counseling sessions (and we look forward to spending time with them outside of a counseling session).

Heather & Allen got married in Jekyll Island, Georgia. As the ceremony went on, it looked as if it was about to start pouring down rain. All of the wedding guests (and wedding party) were praying that the rain would wait until after the ceremony. The ceremony ended, the guests and wedding party made it to the reception, and the rain came pouring down! What an answer to prayer! Curtis did a great job proclaiming the gospel through his mini-sermon. I am so proud of him and how God used him!

I'm certainly not trying to infringe on the photographer's rights by posting the above picture. The photographer, Brooke Roberts (, did an excellent job taking pictures. If you look in the top right picture, you can see Curtis after he pronounced them husband and wife! :)

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