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August 1, 2017

Grandma Came!

Curtis and I have learned that when he goes to RUF staff training, we all enjoy it more when I have extra help while he's away!  So, my mom came bearing LOTS of gifts.  I'll give you some of the highlights of her trip.  The first day, she gave them goggles from my dad.  I think they look so funny with these on:

All the girls (minus Kate) decided to put on clay masks!  Ignore my weird expression.
 They loved to play with Grandma's phone.  I have decided that I will not download these games and apps that Grandma has so that they don't constantly ask me for my phone.  It's quite effective when we tell them it's something special just on Grandma's phone. :)
Grandma also (like Aunt Heather) had Snapchat!  These are so precious:

One of the lovely ladies at our church invited us over to her saltwater pool.  It was really special to me because a lot of my good friends were also there and got to meet my mom! 
It really was refreshing! I'm hoping we will be able to do this again before school starts.
The Tippecanoe County fair usually comes the week Curtis is gone.  I liked how Grandma and Kate had similar body language. 
 We liked seeing the animals!
 Anna got to pet a calf.
We played bocce ball.
We painted a little treasure chest (another gift from Grandma).
 The girls experienced their first japanese steakhouse!
They loved the volcano made just for them.
 We went to Tropicanoe Cove, our local waterpark.
 We found Anna's new (and very bright) backpack for Pre-K!
Kate got a "puppy purse" since she doesn't need a backpack.
 We went to a park before Grandma left.  It was a beautiful day!

Some of the other activities we did included attending a story time at the library, shopping at Aldi's and painting all of our nails.  When the girls went to bed, my mom and I watched chick flicks and had some good conversations.  It went by so fast!  We were very sad when Grandma had to go.  We were happy to have Daddy back though!

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