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November 11, 2011

Welcome Home, Brannon!

 On October 30, we were so happy to welcome Brannon back to Savannah!  Brannon is the Senior Pastor at our church and he had been gone for almost 4 months.  He was deployed near Afghanistan as a Chaplain in the National Guard.  While Brannon was away, Curtis had a lot more responsibility at our church and I think he did a wonderful job.  As you can see, about 60 people came to the airport with smiles and signs.

Everyone was in line hoping to get a hug from Brannon!  

It brought tears to my eyes to see all the little kids at our church excitedly running towards him when they first saw him.  I couldn't help but think about how this was a small taste of how awesome it will be when Jesus Christ returns - when there will be no more partings, no more crying, no more sorrow, or death, or pain any longer (Revelation 21:4).  How I long for that day!

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