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November 29, 2011

Mission Trip to Dalton, GA

Yes, I have a new skill: dry walling!  I'm also using a fancy tool to cut the sheet rock around the door, but I can't remember what it's called.  
From October 19 - 23, I had the opportunity to go on a MNA (Mission to North America) mission trip with several members from our church.  We headed to Dalton, Georgia to assist families who needed relief from the tornadoes in April of this year.  A few months earlier, three women from our church went to Dalton to assist and they were able to recruit five others (including myself) to come back on their second journey.  We worked with a local ministry called "Rebuilding Hope."  Pictured above is the entire Grace Church of the Islands team plus Mr. Arthur (the man that we helped). Note the HUGE tree that fell down from the tornadoes in the background. 
 Our task for the next three days was to dry wall a house.  The really neat thing about this is that we were fixing up Mr. Arthur's house, which is one of the families that the three original ladies helped in the first trip.  Mr. Arthur is a sweet man that is very passionate about the Lord.  On our last day, he prayed and said "Lord, I don't praise you for the storm, but I do praise you for the aftermath and for all my new friends."  It really made me think about how I handle trials and wonder if I would praise God for the aftermath.  
I had a great time with our team and I was so glad that I had the opportunity to go!  If I still was working or pregnant, I wouldn't have had this chance.  We have talked about having another mission trip to help Rebuilding Hope in other areas of Georgia in the near future.  If I am able, I would certainly do this again!

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