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December 13, 2011

Visit with the Warrens

On November 13, Mr. & Mrs. Warren traveled to Savannah for an opportunity to share with our church about their plans to be missionaries in Ukraine through Mission To the World (MTW).  They are in the process of raising support so that they can hopefully depart between March and August 2012.  The Warrens have had a special role in my life as I have known them as faithful servants at Pinewood Presbyterian Church, the church where I grew up.
As you may recall from a previous post, Mrs. Warren spoke with me at a Women In the Church (WIC) meeting about mentoring relationships in March 2011.  She has been a dear friend that has helped me cling to the Lord during various trials that I've gone through and I am so thankful for her investment in my life.
Mr. Warren did a great job during the presentation to our church and they had a chance to meet some of the sweet people in our church.  Curtis and I also enjoyed spending quality time with them the following day during their short visit.  As you can see from the picture, the Warrens really enjoyed meeting Lion-O also.

*Special Opportunity: If you would like to help the Warrens get to Ukraine by next year, please help by donating to them through the following link.  Randy & Debra Warren's designation number is 18132.

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