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December 16, 2011

Margaret's Bday & the Tybee Island Lighthouse

I turned 27 on November 30.  Even though it was my birthday, the day was beginning as any typical Wednesday morning - I woke up early and headed off to my bible study in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).  When I came home, my parents surprised me and came up to Savannah for the day!  Curtis was in on it and he really had me oblivious to his plans for me.  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of our visit, but it was a lot of fun.

The next day, my birthday celebration continued as Curtis took me to see the Tybee Island Lighthouse.
 The view was amazing...
 Both of us!

 The weather was perfect!
 Here's the birthday girl again!
 I thought this was a cool picture - while we were at the top of the lighthouse, we took this picture of the shadow of the lighthouse on the parking lot.

 If we were doing a Christmas card this year, this one probably would have made it.
 Here's our shadows. :)
While we had our fun, Lion-O stayed home and slept under the Christmas tree.

Curtis also took me out that night to Outback Steakhouse and to see a movie (Breaking Dawn Part 1).  The greatest part about this day was that we didn't have to pay for anything!  We had gift cards for the lighthouse, restaurant and movie!  It's my type of birthday date - free! :)

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