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December 13, 2011

Update on My (Margaret's) Health

As you probably have read through our previous posts, I had a miscarriage back in September.  We had a pathology done on the baby's tissue to find out why our baby died.  Our doctor informed us not only that our baby was a boy, but that I had a partial molar pregnancy, something that occurs in 1 out of 1,000 pregnancies.  The genetic makeup of our baby boy was so abnormal that this type of baby never survives.  It was encouraging to us to find that it wasn't something that I did wrong or that could have been prevented.  We also found out that this isn't a genetic condition so the chances of it occurring a second time are very rare.

There is a slight chance that if the baby's tissue wasn't completely removed during the D and C procedure that I had on 9/16, the tissue could invade my body, similar to a cancer.  It is my understanding that I would then have to have chemotherapy to fix the problem.  In order to monitor this, our doctor has told us that we have to wait 6 months from the time that my pregnancy hormone levels reaches a negative count of 5 or less.  This also means that we are unable to try to conceive another baby until this testwork is completed.  As you could imagine, it was very difficult to swallow all the information that we heard.  Six months seemed like an eternity to wait.  Not to mention, I would have to continually go back to the doctor to have my blood drawn.  And if anyone knows me well, I have a serious fear of needles/blood/medical stuff.

This is probably more information than most would like to know, but I'm going to include this for anyone who comes across my blog that may be going through the same thing and would like the details.

Found out I had a miscarriage on 9/14
D and C performed on 9/16
Here are my blood results:
Date - Count
10/10 - 17.8
10/24 - 5.9 (so close!!)
10/31 - 4.1 Praise The Lord - 6 months from now

Now that I have reached "negative," I have to wait 6 months before we can try to have another baby again.  I had my first monthly appointment on 11/28 (count of 1.2).  My next appointment will not be until after Christmas - probably around December 28 or 29.

During this time, we are praying that God would knit together a healthy baby once we do start trying again.  We are finding ourselves encouraged by the Bible - 2 Samuel 12:23, Psalm 56, Psalm 139:15-16, Psalm 147:3-5, Lamentations 3 (especially verses 31 - 33), Isaiah 40-41, Isaiah 43, Isaiah 51, Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, to name a few.  Please continue to pray with us as we wait on God's timing.


  1. Margaret-
    I don't know if this will help as, we have not experienced the same difficulties. I had post partum problems after giving birth to my son on April 25, 2002. He was born healthy and I thanked God for that. However, over the course of 4 weeks I needed 7 units of blood and 1 unit of plasma given to me to keep me alive. The moral of this post, is my husband and I then had to wait 6 months before we could be intimate with eachother. We were both scarred that Iwould die and 6 months to wait and see how things went seemed like a life time. So, I understand what you mean, and for 24 hours after giving me the blood they did blood tests every hour to make sure that my body was accepting the new blood. I strongly dislike having my blood drawn also. The way it was spread out is every monday or tuesday until the fourth week I was given 2 units of blood and the fourth week it was 1 unit of blood and 1 unit of plasma.

    Now that has been almost ten years ago. That six months now seems like a drop in the bucket. Keep leaning on God and your husband and you both will make it through. Sorry if it upsets you, I hope it doesn't but just know that you will make it through. For the first 5 months I had a month count down, for the last month I had a week count down and for the last week I had a day count down. You are strong and your story will help someone else. Thank you for being willing to share.

    Katie Armbruster

  2. This is all very encouraging to read! You are so strong and I have been praying for you guys! It is so hard to wait for a righteous blessing when it is not on our timetable. It will be so worth it. I'm so glad to have you as a good friend!