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January 17, 2012

A Celebration-Filled Weekend

We went to Jacksonville last Friday to celebrate lots of things - see a Broadway show (as we had originally planned for our 3 year anniversary), witness the wedding ceremony of a special friend, and celebrate my Grandmother's 80th birthday. 
Since we didn't get the opportunity to see Wicked in New York City (because we lost the lottery 3 times), Curtis and I had planned to do this when it came to Jacksonville.  The show was amazing - full of fun surprises and very entertaining!  I definitely recommend you seeing this show, if you haven't already!
We also got to celebrate our friend, Natalie Haynes, get married to Damon Webster.  The ceremony was beautiful and it was wonderful to see lots of old friends from Pinewood and RUF!
Lastly, we got to sing "Happy Birthday" to my Grandmother on her 80th birthday.  She had a yummy cake!  Most of her family was able to come other than one of her sons that called during our celebration since he couldn't make it.

Side note: During this trip, I had a chance to talk to several people who read my blog.  Thanks for your sweet comments!  Please feel free to reply to my blog posts, if you would like.  I love to get feedback!


  1. Aww! I wish we could have been there for Grandmom's 80th! Sounds like you guys had a good time though... I miss you!

  2. A beautiful cake for a beautiful lady! Happy Birthday Mrs. Leinecker! Lisa