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November 2, 2012

Wedding Número 3

Curtis and I have had the honor of counseling and preparing David and Amanda Brodmann for their upcoming marriage for the past 9 or 10 months.  Finally, the big day arrived on October 13!  Every year since Curtis has been ordained, he has had the opportunity to officiate for one wedding, which makes this wedding #3. :)
The wedding was gorgeous - they had it at the Mackey House in Savannah.
I got a pretty good picture of Amanda and her father walking down the aisle.
You may now kiss the bride!
Amanda & David released doves after the ceremony was complete.  I thought this was a pretty good capture from my phone!
Curtis and I really enjoyed being able to celebrate with David, Amanda and their families.  I'm sure the Brodmanns are feeling relieved that both weddings went smoothly this year - (A Beautiful Beach Wedding in May and this one in October)!

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