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December 17, 2012

Florida Baby Shower

My lovely mother and a few church family friends threw me my first baby shower in Orange Park.  They did a wonderful job!
A nice welcome sign for me and our little girl.  I am about 27.5 weeks here.
The decorations were super cute!  Note: the daisy flower pots were actually part of the decorations for my wedding reception!
These were chocolate cakes with cream cheese icing.  Super yummy! The flags on the top of the cakes say "baby girl."
My mom (and dad) put together a diaper cake with little flower barrettes all over them.  I can't wait to put little barrettes and bows in her hair!
Our little girl is going to be all set!
My sweet cousin, Elle, was my helper and told me which gifts to open first.
I thought this was a sweet candid shot with us talking together.
One of my favorites - my parents gave me her first Florida Gator outfit with matching bows.  You can tell that I'm just delighted. :)  So was Curtis.

This was a huge box of clothes that my parents got me.  All sorts of outfits in varying sizes!
As you can see, I spent most of my time opening gifts.
Here's the audience.  I had a vast assortment of sweet family and friends that I've known throughout my life there with me to celebrate.
My cousin Jane was able to meet our newest cousin, Alan, for the first time.
Jane did so many things behind the scenes for the shower.  She took most of the pictures and helped me organize all my gifts to travel back to Savannah. :)
Here are two of my childhood friends, Carrie and Kimberly.  We used to hang out all the time when we were in elementary/middle/some high school!
Two of my closest friends from high school/community college, Jennifer and Pam, were also able to make it.
I even had three of my closest friends from UF there - Kelly, Catherine & Jenna!  (Jenna's not pictured because she had already left the shower by the time we took this one.)
Here's some of my wedding party - Catherine (bridesmaid), Lacey (flower girl), Mrs. Warren (matron of honor).
This was a fun one - I had 4 other pregnant ladies at my shower.  Robyn, seminary friend; Carrie, neighborhood friend; Lauren, church friend; and Ashlee, high school friend (not pictured).  Lauren actually delivered her baby girl, Violet Rose, on 12/12/12!

I had a great time and I couldn't believe how quickly the shower flew by!  I have been blessed with lots of dear family and friends at this shower - some came very long ways to be there!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and celebrate this blessing from the Lord with me.  We can't wait for her to arrive!

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