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December 7, 2010

Christmas Card

If this is your first time visiting our blog, welcome! The Christmas card that we sent out did its job – rather than writing a letter to update all our friends and family about our year, we thought it would be better to just lead you to our family blog. If you did not receive a Christmas card, please understand that it was very difficult to determine who would receive one. We really had to limit how many we sent out. For those of you who send out Christmas cards every year – I applaud you! I think we will only be doing this every few years because of the cost of photography, printing costs, time and postage stamps! Please feel free to visit our blog whenever you need a McDaniel update as we usually try to post whenever we have any events happen in our family life.

One of our friends, Sarah Kohut, who also serves alongside us in the Youth Ministry Team is a professional photographer (her website: She did an excellent job taking pictures for our Christmas cards this year. Although there were only 3 pictures on the Christmas card, we had many more that she took in front of our house and also in downtown Savannah. If you would like to see some of the other pictures that did not make the cut, please click this link. Although we have placed them on facebook, it is not necessary for you to have an account with them in order to view our pictures.

A few updates that have occurred since our last blog post:
-Curtis and I have now been married for 2.5 years!
-On 12/12, Curtis became an Associate Pastor at Grace Church of the Islands. He previously was an Assistant Pastor.
-We will be going on our very first ski trip (ever) with the youth group in January
-I have been working at my current job now for almost a year and I am loving it!

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  1. Those are really good pics of you! I love it, so cute!!